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About CebreazyPaints,LLC.

My Story

Cebron “Kyle” Bradford III, is  transplant to the PNW from the desert town of Bakersfield, CA. Artistically they’ve found inspiration from nature and the brilliance of a good sunset on a beach, with a splash of a rebellious spirit. Since 5 years of age Kyle’s regularly gotten in trouble for touching art displays and “not following clear instructions”. Artistically it’s translated into creating tactile art breaking the traditional instructions of art being observed at a distance rather than experienced up-close. The texture in the paintings captures movement, entices with color, and invites touch to experience the raised ridges and dramatic landscapes created with each layer of paint.


“I remember doing a chalk drawing for an art fair in High School and being asked to blend the colors. But I saw the rebellious beauty in them standing alone and overlapping. There’s something rebellious about boldly laying the colors and letting people mentally blend and make the connections themselves. It’s a little like life, we all are going to have different colors (building blocks/ talents/ experiences) and those aren’t going to blend with the next person; but there’s beauty observing how these differences interact in close proximity.”

 – Cebron Kyle Bradford III

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